Live in a paragraph:
1950 born in Stuttgart, humanistic final high school diploma - Latin and Greek, then film, advertising, cadetship in journalism, freelance media writer since 1974, mostly for public radio, occasionally print.
Apart from that:
Author, elucational lessons, actor, singer, storyteller and reader, talent-scout, juggling teacher, photographer.
Tried hand as: Waiter, house keeper, house painter, builder‘s labourer, furniture carpenter and interior designer, canoeist, cyclist and monocyclist, tap dance, slack rope juggler, guitarist and flutist, aero-modell & kite flyer, modell railway buff... (that‘s enough)
Carl-Josef Kutzbach
Race: human
Gender: male
Age: increases daily
Family: have
Children: several
Profession: trading ideas
Sidelines: Occasionally
Favourites things: Fine dining, reading, meeting pleasant & stimulating people, deep satisfying sleep. Furthermore: (quite a range, but who really cares?)
Carl-Josef Kutzbach
dressed up*
as „Hempel“
*© private
as „Dr. Chemistos“
*© Willi Schühle
now and then
Things that matter to me:
  1. 1.good health
  2. 2.lovable contemporaries
  3. 3.meaningful work
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